Broadband Access Project

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Construction starts Aug.5!!!

3:50PM August 02, 2019

We are excited to announce that Aug. 5 is the starting date of construction for Phase I of our broadband project! Central Alabama Electric Cooperative’s wholly owned subsidiary, Central Access, is eager to make fast, reliable and affordable internet a reality for our service area.

As a participant of our broadband survey, you know how exciting this announcement is, but what does it mean for you? Below are the next steps of Central Access and how you are a part of it.

Am I in Phase I?

The start of construction begins with what we’ve been referring to as Phase I, which involves connecting our substations and offices across a 400-mile area touching multiple counties – this is a massive project!

To determine if you’re in Phase I, visit and enter your address to determine your status.

I’m not in Phase I, what does that mean?

For those members who are not in Phase I, please know that we are working as diligently as possible to make Phase I a success so we can continue with additional build-outs. For this to happen, Phase I must have a 35 percent take rate of those passed within Phase 1 for service before future phases are considered.
But your sign-up, as well as your neighbors, matters! We will use data from areas that have paid the $25 commitment fee to help determine which areas or communities will be next in line for construction. Our goal was and always will be to bring quality, lightning-fast internet to our entire service area, but we have to build it a mile and service at a time.

I am in Phase I, what happens next?

Phase I is a massive undertaking, which involves constructing the core which will allow us to begin individual residential and business services. Due to its size (400-miles) we have broken Phase I into four parts so that you can get a general idea of a timeline for your area.

While we expect the whole of Phase I to take 15 months to complete, each of the four parts should take approximately 3-4 months each to complete. In the next couple weeks you will receive postcards in the mail informing you of which of the four parts your home falls.

So does that mean you’ll receive internet in the next three to four months if you’re in Part 1 of Phase I? Not exactly. While installation of broadband for those in Part 1 is expected to be rolled out first, for the purpose of reliability, service will not be “turned-on” until January.

As always, we will send you information of our activity in and upcoming in your part of Phase I.

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