Broadband Access Project

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Phase I update

4:40PM March 08, 2019

CAEC’s Board of Trustees approved Phase I of a plan to construct a fiber network for broadband. The first goal for this project is to construct a 365-mile fiber optic ring, connecting our 24 electric substations and six offices, so this first phase will follow that path. Over the last several months, the co-op has finalized the study that determines which homes fall into the initial Phase I area and construction will begin on the core to serve our facilities this summer.

You can now verify whether or not your address will be a part of Phase I by entering your address on the homepage of this site. As the process moves forward we will begin building out to those members who are in the Phase I area and who have already indicated an interest in service by paying the $25 commitment fee. This step will expedite the process of connecting homes to high-speed broadband once the service is active, and you can still currently sign up at this price.

As a reminder, please know that our secondary goal is to be able to provide high speed internet to everyone in our territory who wants the service, which will take time to accomplish. Whether your home falls in the Phase I area or not, please continue to encourage your friends and neighbors to indicate their desire for service by committing here at This will prove vital as the project enters additional phases.

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